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Solo Exhibition|Camera Mia 私の部屋 (カメラ)|Birdo Space Gallery


Between 2012 and 2024 such as "Les îles Fortunées", "TOKΘYO", and "UBIQUITÉ".

"People often ask me these questions: "Do you shoot landscapes or flowers?" Indeed, I do photograph those things, but I have always approached photography in search of what lies behind them metaphysically, what is invisible to the eye. When I was growing up, I was left-handed, but my grandmother corrected me to be right-handed. Because of this change, the original 'left-handedness' must have only concentrated in my left eye, and it developed a unique perspective. Initially, the word "camera" meant a room in Italian. My left eye through the viewfinder is my true identity. For that one moment, my room (camera) appears. This photographic exhibition is the culmination of my creative journey over the past ten years."-- NATSOUMI (YAMADA Natsumi)




場所 / Venue

ビルドスペース birdo space 塩竈市港町2-3-112-3-11,

Minatomachi, Shiogama City, Miyagi Pref. JAPAN 985-0016

入場無料 Free Admission


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