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Solo Exhibition| TOKϴYO(常世)|at Morioka Shoten Bookstore Ginza (森岡書店銀座店) 


TOKϴYO(常世)is an ancient Japanese concept of another world. It is believed to be the land of ancestral spirits, which served as a source of life and fertility.

Since an early age, I have been captivated by the sparkling allure of France. I eventually moved to Paris to work as a correspondent for a magazine. In 2009, I met my husband in London, and we relocated to Fukushima. Incidentally, it was just a year before the catastrophic events that occurred there.

I experienced two miscarriages in quick succession while I was there. I took my camera and ventured into the mountainous paths to feel closer to my lost children. The world I encountered was full of incredible landscapes and customs that made me feel as if I were daydreaming.

Mizuko, also known as "invisible children", was captured in photographs without any visible presence. I continued to take pictures, relying only on the signs of their existence.

Despite being in a pandemic lockdown, I found comfort in the fact that I was not alone. The experience made me more mindful of the passing of time and the fragility of life. I also found solace in the thought that people from different parts of the world were going through a similar situation, which gave the photographs a more profound significance.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me a folk tale that reminded me of my mother's lullabies.

This photographic work delves into the innermost self, revealing the unutterable emotions.




そこで私は立て続けに2度の流産を経験しました。死んだ子ども達の魂に近づけるような気がして、カメラを持って分け入った山深い杣道。そこで見た世界 ―― まるで白昼夢を見ているような信じがたい風景や風習 ―― 。





暗室で焼いたモノクロの銀塩バライタプリント4点に加え、和紙に染め摺りしたカラープリント『À l’AURORE BLEUTÉE 東雲』を発表します。

While raising my daughter for the last four years, I have been studying the art of making traditional Japanese hanging scrolls. My efforts have resulted in the completion of silver gelatin prints and hanging scrolls made entirely by hand.





Exhibition TOKϴYO(常世)

April 2nd Tue - 7 sun

at Morioka Shoten Bookstore Ginza

Closed: Mon

Opening hours: 13:00 -19:00

Free admission

The structure of the exhibition has been changed from the previous TOKϴYO(常世) exhibition held at the Ricoh Imaging Gallery Tokyo three years ago.


写真展:「TOKΘYO (常世)」

作  家:山田なつみ

会  期:2024年4月2日(火)~4月7日(日) 

会  場:森岡書店銀座店



出演者:森岡督行 + 山田なつみ + 鈴木潤子(ファシリテーター)


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鈴木潤子 @J代表/インディペンデントキュレーター

時事通信社、森美術館、日本科学未来館で通算約20年間の勤務を経て独立。アートやデザインを中心に、幅広い分野でPRや企画 / 運営、執筆などに携わる。



場所:〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1丁目28-15 鈴木ビル

開館:13:00 ~ 19:00(最終日18:00終了)






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