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12 / flamme festive

When Natsoumi visited the town of Mishima, Fukushima prefecture, for the first time in 2010, she made several discoveries, including the passion of the townspeople for preserving their folklore and culture, how one's emotions changed when standing in front of the vigorous festive flame, and how a tradition handed down from older generations can come true.  One of the legends has it that the flames make fertile those who wish to be blessed with offspring.  

On her way home the day after the festival, the artist had found herself pregnant.

View of NATSOUMI’s work at collector’s place, 2020.

- NATSOUMI, Flamme Festive, 2016.
Platine-palladium print on vintage washi paper : traditional hand-made artisanal vintage paper.
25 x 60cm |9.8 x  23.6 inch
2100 euros  (Sold)
Private collection

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