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Worth the Wait | BILDBAND BERLIN


I am honoured to present my photo book TOKϴYO at Bildband Berlin. After eight years of being a parent and amidst the pandemic confinement, I have finally completed the project I have been waiting for. The experience of giving a presentation in front of an audience has motivated me to pursue what photography is. I am recalling the journey in Fukushima with my Bronica. She took me to meaningful places I had never seen.

Bildband Berlin is a bookshop run by the publishing house MACK.

It has an international reputation for its collections in contemporary photography.

The publisher was founded in 2010 by Michael Mack, who moved to London from his position as director of the German publisher 'Steidl', which is renowned for its outstanding photography collections. Previously a director of the German publisher Steidl, renowned for its high-quality photography collections, Michael Mack relocated to London and established the publishing house in 2010.

I am excited to announce that my photo book TOKϴYO is now available at .......! The book features the works of renowned Japanese photographers such as Masahisa Fukase, Eikoh Hosoe, Kikuji Kawada, Kazumasa Suda, and Nobuyoshi Araki. As I stand among their photo books in this space, I can't help but feel grateful and humbled.

However, this experience was quite different from what I had expected during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a challenging time for many, yet it gave me an opportunity to reflect on myself and my work.

My child is now in 3rd grade and becoming more independent. I could come to Germany alone and achieve my longed-for project.

It was worth the wait.

I had no idea that such a stage was waiting for me.

Special Thanks: Youvalle and Joe (Bildband Berlin), Lisa YAMASHITA (Art Director "TOKϴYO")




質の高い写真集に定評のあるドイツの出版社「Steidl」にてディレクターを務めたMichael Mackが、ロンドンに拠点を移し2010年に設立した出版社。「Steidl」での経験をもとに独自の審美眼で見いだす若手アーティストや人気作家の写真集は、どれもが世界中で話題となり、2012年のベストブックとして多くの写真集がノミネートされるなど、今後目が離せない出版社として注目を集めている。 (※ ShelfさんのHPから)













今回、改めてこの場を与えてくださった、Bildband BerlinのYouvalleさん、Joeさん、TOKϴYOのアートディレクターを務めてくださった山下リサさんに深い敬意と感謝を申し上げます。


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